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Essay, TV speech

It’s all about weighing up the pros and cons of television: Television is one of the most recent inventions of our time. The word television consists of two words: tele (distance) and view (see), which means that you can see from a distance. This is actually an advanced form of radio. It was invented by John Logie Byrd in the 1920s, when television only showed images from a short distance. But in the course of time several changes have been made. And now television is at its highest level. Now we can also use the television as a computer and use the internet there.

Advantages and disadvantages of television Advantages and disadvantages of television Essay, article, speeches

Television services

Television can be a useful source of information. One can be informed about all events and developments in the country in the economic, industrial and political fields. Government activities in the interest of the nation can be broadcast on television. We can attend conferences and seminars that highlight the country’s objectives and achievements in various areas. Television has many advantages. It provides entertainment for people of all ages and has taken the place of a cinema. We can now enjoy films, plays, games, cooking shows, etc. without having to go anywhere. If all family members participate in a programme together, it improves family relationships. There are also special programmes for students to make them aware of their profession. Students can get a lot of information by looking at news programs such as Animal Planet, National Geography, and so on.

Disadvantages of television

But things aren’t going well here. Television therefore has many disadvantages, but these disadvantages arise when television is used too much. For example, if students watch television all night, they cannot get up early in the morning, which can affect their academic activities. When housewives watch TV all day, they can’t do their homework on time, which can lead to domestic problems. Different films and dramas can have a bad influence on a person’s moral values, because sometimes a film or drama is just a fantasy, but it can be taken seriously. Excessive television consumption can also lead to vision problems at a young age.

Conclusion on the advantages and disadvantages of television test

As said, excessive use of everything is bad, excessive use of television is also bad socially, morally and economically. Economical, because television consumes a lot of electricity ;). So use it sparingly.

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